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Carlos Negrón
work experience
Mac, Linux, Windows, AS/400 • Perl, PHP, C++, C, COBOL, Java • HTML, Javascript, XML, CSS • API REST and JSON • Apache HTTP, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SSH, SSL • MySQL, MSSQL, DB2, PostgreSQL • MySQL Workbench, MS SQL Management Studio, iSeries Navigator • Eclipse, Komodo, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Rational • Web 2, Web Responsive, Dynamic Serving, Mobile Website • Formatted emails, Email blast, SMS • RAD, OutSystems
Knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated professional with more than 15 years in web programming, a solid understanding of theory, excellent debugging skills, with extensive knowledge of web systems components and brilliant with design, patterns and processes. Oriented to provide solutions to problems, not only write code. Fluent in terms of design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of systems. Knowledge on agile development, structured and modular programming. Specialist on develops financial or accounting systems. Vast experience on ACH or EFT file generation, web MIME manipulation and PDF generation, html/css formatted email sending, secure transfer communications. In addition experience in Project Management with completed education.

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